Design / Cosmetic Look

workbench-countertopWhen you open your garage door, is it a clean, stylish space that you are proud to show your friends and neighbors? Most people keep their garage doors closed as much as possible, because they are embarrassed by their messy garage.

Helping with your garage cabinet design will involve two goals: create an organized space, and install beautiful cabinets that are aesthetically pleasing. We understand that you don’t have to sacrifice design style for functionality, because it is possible to enjoy both of these features in your garage.

Design Styles and Budget

We understand that everyone has a budget, and we will work hard to find the right garage cabinets that fit within your budgetary constraints. Whether you are looking for basic cabinets in your garage, or you want to create a beautiful space with higher-end design, we can match your preferences.

You can choose from several series that are available, based on your budget for the project:

  • Low End Garage Cabinets: Cheaper, basic storage solutions – Definitive, Clear-cut, or Standard Series
  • High End Garage Cabinets: Classy cabinets that add a design style to the garage – Prestige or Prestigious Series

We won’t pressure you into a product that doesn’t make sense for your garage and budget. Instead, we will work closely with you to understand your preferences and desires, and help you find the perfect garage cabinet solutions to match.

Design Features to Choose From

You can choose from much more than basic cabinets, and some of the other design elements can turn
your garage into a functional workspace that you will love. You can choose basic cabinets, and include other design elements that will make it easier to work in the garage. For example, many of our customers enjoy having a work bench installed in the garage, because it gives them a place to manage any ongoing projects they are working on.

2014-05-14-16.02In addition to cabinets, we can also include other storage solutions such as drawers, bars inside the cabinets, and even a sitting bench. We will discuss the way the space will be used, in order to determine the best design layout and features that will work best for your home. We understand that everyone uses their garage in a unique way, and we want to help you create a garage that enables you to be more productive and maintain higher levels of organization at the same time.

Color Levels of Excellence

Color matters, because the color of the cabinets will impact the look and feel of the entire room. We offer a variety of colors for you to choose from, so that the cabinets match the rest of your home. Most of the time, the default color is white, but you can choose a custom color if you prefer. For example, you might choose a wood grain pattern or another solid color that matches the rest of the garage or other areas in your home.

Customizations and Durability

Cabinets can be cut to any length, depth or height to utilize your garage storage space, and we will work closely with you to put together a design that fits within your preferences. These cabinets are professionally installed, and they are fastened to wall studs and accompanied with legs underneath for added weight support.

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