Looking for some garage cabinet inspiration? We’ve got plenty of garage storage photos to get you thinking about what will work in your Utah home.

White Garage Cabinet Inspiration

White is the most common color for garage cabinets, but it doesn’t have to be basic. View our gallery to see how other clients have used white garage storage to organize their lives.

Black or Gray Garage Cabinet Images

For a more modern look, choose black or gray garage cabinets. As you can see, these cabinets really stand out against a white wall, and you can pair with creative flooring to create a stylized look.

Wood Grain Garage Cabinet Pictures

For a high-end appeal, consider matching your garage cabinets to your kitchen cabinets. Check out some of our wood grain installations for inspiration.


Choose upgrades like the ones you see here to give your garage cabinets a more luxurious look and feel.

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